Monthly Archives: December 2012

Should Hockey Bags look this good?

The new Synergy line, designed and produced for TK Hockey by The Pacrascal.

More Pack action by The Pacrascal

The Pacrascal helps give TK Hockey the lead in the bags market. The 2012 collection sells like hot cakes!

Reebok Sport Bag Design : Zigtech

Real performance design elements, for urban use – introducing our new Reebok Zigtech pack.

TK Hockey Bags Designer

TK Hockey Bags, designed by Dan Cooper of pacrascal Limited.  

TK Hockey Advert

pacrascal was instrumental in creating the marketing campaign for TK Hockey, from graphic & product design, photo shoot to marketing. We like this, great photo featuring our TK Hockey Synergy Stick Bag.

TK Hockey Mask Design

These look great in our Design Cabinet, look even better on the field! TK Hockey Mask Design 2012.  

TK Hockey Bags Design : 2012

Thanks to TK Hockey in Germany for giving us the opportunity to push the boundaries associated with Hockey Bags. Hooking into graphic inspiration from their sticks we’ve created a radical NEW look in the Hockey world. Adidas, you better watch out!


Following the recent development of the Polypropylene Reebok trolley for the Indian market, we rolled up our sleeves and took our gloves off for the soft luggage line development.

TK Hockey Sales Manual

Has been a real pleasure teaming up with TK HOCKEY of Germany, an independent Hockey sports brand with visionary goals. No way Adidas stand a chance in this market. We didn’t just stop with the Sales Manual, we also designed their new look Brand Identity.  


Great opportunity to work on the moulding design for the new SS12 Polypropeline Trolley. Coming in at 43x24x59cm this has been the perfect fit for the Indian Market.