Hug-mi™ : The Huggable Costume Backpack

The Pacrascal in his element developing this one! Introducing Hug-mi™, the Worlds First, Fully Functional, HUGGABLE Backpack for Kids!

Hug-mi™: The Huggable Backpack

Here at The Pacrascal HQ we know what its like traveling with bored kids, that’s why we set about creating a backpack that would ENTERTAIN AND COMFORT kids on the move.

Each PLUSH bag comes with a pack away character head and our patented fold out huggable arms.

The bag is fully functional, there’s plenty of storage which is ideal for holidays or even as a school backpack.

We also include a Hug-mi™ passport so your child can take their Hug-mi™ wherever they go!

Hug-mi will be available very soon via the online store Hug-mi™.